Our Favorite Wines to Beat the Heat


Summer is here! I love pairing wines with a good season. Below are some of my favorites to help beat the heat, and we’re enjoying them alllll summer long at Arden. Come enjoy them on our patio or find similar bottles at your local wine shop. Either way, these styles are perfect for the sunshine. And don't forget to join us on Thursday nights for half-off bottles from our wine list!

2017 Petillant Naturel of Malvasia, Quarticello 'Despina', Emiglia Romana, Italy
Pét-nat craze is sweeping the wine world, and we are totally on board! Pétillant naturel is a term for a sparkling wine that undergoes only one fermentation (rather than two, as is required for méthode champenoise), with the primary fermentation finishing in a crown-capped bottle. Funky, fresh and fizzy, with notes of ginger, quince and lychee, a glass of this is our favorite way to start a meal.

2015 Chablis, John Marc Brocard, Burgundy, France
Oh Chablis, how we love thee. Great in any season, but particularly in summer, Chablis is the *exception* to classic styles of Chardonnay. Made all in stainless steel (no oak) and grown on limestone and chalk soils, Chablis is like biting into a Granny Smith Apple and then licking a wet rock. Doesn't sound super appetizing? We promise you'll love it. Especially with oysters. And boquerones. And the crudo. Or the wild king salmon. Hmm...

2017 Tributary Rosé of Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Yes, it's rosé season, and why not drink a local one? Rosés of Pinot Noir always have a brightness to them from the grape's natural acidity, which makes them particularly good food wines. This one from a single vineyard in the Dundee Hills is refreshing and floral, with notes of wild strawberries and grapefruit. We love it with our red trout crudo and our strawberry gem lettuce salad!

2015 Nerello Mascalese, Murgo, Sicily, Italy
Nothing says summer like Sicily! From this volcanic island comes a light, smoky red that we just can't get enough of. Nerello Mascalese is a varietal that is indigenous to the region – light like a Pinot Noir, juicy like Gamay, and smoky like some of the great wines of Burgundy. Perfect for the light, herbaceous dishes we love in the heat (think our snap pea salad or grilled broccoli) and dry enough to complement grilled meats (our Flying Coyote Farm chicken dinner for two, anyone?) You can't go wrong!